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The Story of Noah's Ark - A Musical Interpretation

© JoAnn Derden 2010

Photograph © Paul Derden
(British Columbia circa 1979)

Composed and performed by JoAnn Derden

The music on Noah is compelling by itself; with a few perfectly placed special effects added by JoAnn's son, Paul Derden, the listener may think he's right with Noah....

Tracks (samples in mp3, some start in the middle)

  1. Prologue
  2. Perfect World
  3. Invasion of Evil
  4. God's Tears
  5. Noah
  6. Message To Noah
  7. Building The Ark
  8. The Processional
  9. Barkers and Woofers
  10. Wide Loads and Other Slowpokes
  11. Flying Feathers
  12. Cats-N-Monks
  13. Hooves for Shoes
  14. Insect Couples
  15. Cacklers
  16. Turkey Shufflers
  17. Belly Crawlers
  18. The Rain
  19. Noah's Lament
  20. The Wind
  21. The Dove
  22. Land!
  23. Noah's Dance
  24. The Recessional
  25. The Promise
  26. The Rainbow


Hi, JoAnn. Just heard the CD and we both love it! Maybe it is the best you have ever done! Today I put Humpty (the sound system) back together again, and the first thing that we played was your CD. We both thought that it was amazing! Susan thinks that it would be a natural for an interpretive dance thing. I just think that it is great, and I would like to purchase a few CDs for friends and relatives. Let me know how to do this. Thanks for the CD, and keep up the wonderful work!
- Joe and Susan

Helen, Thank you so much for the BEAUTIFUL CD for Kara and I on Noah's Ark... we are entertained nightly. She rocks back and forth to the music.... Music speaks to her, and it is one of her joys... along with chocolate. It was kind of you.
- Marilyn C., long-time friend of Helen's (Kara is Marilyn's adult child with special needs)