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Dreams for Jeffrey

Composed and performed by JoAnn Derden

JoAnn's youngest grandbaby, Jeffrey, was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), a progressive neuromuscular disease destined to shorten his earthly stay to a matter of months. That prompted sufficient inspiration for JoAnn to compose some soothing lullabies for him... and for his mama (her daughter), Helen. Both loved listening to the peaceful music over and over... and over... and over!

The CD accompanied early editions of The Jeffrey Journey, a book written by Helen and recently reissued.

Below are snippets from the CD, along with a sampling of verses, also written by JoAnn.

Tracks (samples in mp3) :

Verses (sample):

1. Close My Eyes
Close my eyes... I’m dreaming
Sweet dreams that never end

2. When My Mama Sings to Me
My very favorite time of all
Is when my mama sings to me

4. The People Who Love Me
If I could, I would count all the people who love me.
If I could, I would tell them that I love them, too

8. Mama and Daddy
My mama and daddy, the best that can be -
Thank you, dear Lord, for giving them to me

12. Night Sounds on My Mountain
I love my little mountain -
On top you touch the stars.
At night it whispers songs to me
And secrets from afar

13. Dreams for Jeffrey
I have the sweetest dreams on earth
All sugar, smiles, and songs -
Not just with me when I sleep,
They’re with me all day long!


16. God Bless My Friends and Family

Here is my prayer before I go -
God bless my friends and family,
And if there is a blessing left,
Thank You, God, for blessing me

17. Angels Watching Over Me
Angel eyes are watching me,
Every night they sit -
Their golden lights surround my head,
Making sure my halo fits!

18. Kissing Me Goodnight!
Telling me goodnight and giving me a kiss,
Kissing me goodnight, and loving me...
All the way to dreamland

19. Paul’s Song for Jeffrey*
When I close my eyes and am fast asleep,
I hear heavenly voices -
God’s angels from the sky.
Stars so bright above -
filled with joy and love!
Angels calling Jeffrey...
Time to say good-bye

*Paul, Jeffrey’s uncle (and Helen’s brother), came up with the melody, which JoAnn then transformed into a sweetly haunting expression of Jeffrey’s farewell earthly dream....

Dreams for Jeffrey © JoAnn Derden, 2009
The Jeffrey Journey (2010 Edition) © Helen Baldwin, 2010


We still have the CD that you sent us before Annah's surgery in 2006. We played it a LOT in the PICCU during recovery. It's such sweet music! Thank you again!
- Jenifer Mobus Woody, SMA parent

The CD is beautiful, it is so peaceful, soothing and just wonderful listening....
- Nancy Moore, SMA grandmother

... I received the book yesterday. I started reading it late last evening. I just completed it about 15 minutes ago. I couldn't put it down. As I read earlier today, I kept from becoming emotional by focusing on continuing to read the next chapter. However, I had to break and drive my 15 year old daughter to her volunteer job at the hospital. As we drove we listened to JoAnn's beautiful CD. At that point, the tears began and I had a difficult time turning them off. I returned home to complete the book. I wanted to E-mail you immediately but at this point, my emotions were out of control....
- Beth Carollo, SMA (self)

Just wanted to comment on the Jeffrey CD your mother made. It's beautiful and Nathan loves it! He relaxes to it while resting in his crib and napping. The nurses love it too!
- Jennifer Russell, SMA parent

I absolutely love the book! ... Need to tell you too that the "Jeffrey book" and CD are getting great use at our house. Tessa used to use the CD to go to sleep every noon and every night... Now she gave it to her little brother (Jack, 18 months) to use to go to sleep. So twice a day, sometimes more we listen to it.
- Lana Weisenberger, SMA parent

I somehow misplaced (doesn't that sound so much better than "lost") my Jeffrey's Journey CD. I have the case but the CD is nowhere to be found. I'm totally bummed because Jonah and I both liked it very much (GREAT naptime music... you know, for the whole 28 minutes he sleeps). Anyway, I was wondering if your mom has them for sale somewhere? If you'll let me know, I'd like to order one.
- Lana Weisenberger, SMA parent (I sent her two copies....)

I'm glad I have extra copies because I'm pretty sure I'm going to wear ours out. I press play and put the whole CD on repeat, so it's literally the music he sleeps to every night. We both love it. It puts him to sleep and it helps me de-stress after a long day. And did I mention he's sleeping through the night now? I'm not saying it's a miracle CD or anything... I'm just sayin'.
- Patrice Williams, EB* mom (Epidermolysis Bullosa)

Thank you for this wonderful gift. Last week, Mackie and I listened to your lullabies. I was holding her and she went to sleep on my shoulder. About 20 minutes later we were both asleep. The gentle music just helped us relax and enjoy each other.
- David Smith (Pastor, First Baptist Church of Lenoir)

"Helen, we got the CD! Kensington loves it!!! Thank you so much for being so kind!!!"
- Ashley Manross

My son Jack is 18 months old and has been napping to the CD since it arrived. He just adores it.
- Ashley R, CD winner Jonah's EB Auction, 2011

Thanks so much! The CDs are beautiful, and I love the note you included with the story behind them.
- Mandy, CD winner Jonah's EB Auction, 2011