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Dancin' and Romancin' - A Love Story

© JoAnn Derden 2011

Photograph © Katie Baldwin (Fischer) 2005
(Tootsie and HonkyTonk were family lovebirds)

Composed and performed by JoAnn Derden

JoAnn's original collection of musical love 'notes' was dedicated in 1999 to her husband and best friend, Elton. Not long after celebrating 50 wonderfully memorable years of marriage, they moved closer to their daughter, Helen, and her family, eagerly anticipating a well-deserved retirement and a continuation of their unique love notes, musical and otherwise.

Life doesn't always follow the best-laid plans, however. Mere months after the move, the family realized that Elton/Dad/Papa was approaching his final earthly days. It was decided that JoAnn's music (of which he was her biggest fan!), would be soothing to him. Out of countless choices of JoAnn's original music, their granddaughter, Katie, picked this collection.

When Katie announced her wedding plans in early 2011, JoAnn ('Nana') decided to rededicate this tribute of love - tweaked with a few updates - to Katie and her husband, Paul. It is hoped to be a simple reminder to these newlyweds to pay attention to their own meaningful 'love notes' for the rest of their lives.

The rest of us would be wise to heed the reminder, too.

Tracks (samples in mp3):

  1. Quick Glances
  2. The Real Thing
  3. Till I Met You
  4. The Dance Lesson (My Brother's Suit Waltz)
  5. A Special Moment
  6. You Are the One
  7. Serious Talk
  8. Mr. and Mrs.
  9. Begin With Love
  10. Playing House
  11. How Much I Love You
  12. Dreams
  13. Tango of Love
  14. Slow Dance
  15. Remember
  16. A Grand Ride!
  17. Next Lifetime We'll Love Again
  18. I'll Love You Till the End of Time

From JoAnn about The Dance Lesson (My Brother’s Suit Waltz):
One of Elton’s most endearing charms was his compelling need to always speak the truth. When he arrived at my house for our first high school dance, I opened the door and was greeted promptly with, “I’m wearing my brother’s suit.”


JoAnn, I just wanted to tell you I finally was able to listen to the cd you made and dedicated to Katie & Paul. Absolutely beautiful! It brings such an incredible feeling of peace and happiness. I know I'll be listening to it often. Thank you so very, very much!
- Cathy Fischer, Paul's mother