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October, 2011

Dear Helen,

I am writing this note to you because my mom, Sue Fransen, was not able to thank you herself. Back in July, you sent her a lovely note along with some beautiful CDs of your mother's music. She was so touched by your thoughtfulness.

It was an unbelievable summer for her & our family. Quite suddenly & very unexpectedly, my mom became very ill. She spent 2+ weeks in ICU before finally succumbing to a rare reaction to the chemo on August 13th. I would like you to know that she asked to have your CDs put on her iPod so she could try to relax while in the hospital. I believe the music brought her great comfort.

I hope that you share this story with your mom. I would like her to know that her music touched my mom.

Thank you both for your kindness.

God bless you,
Kristine Pecora

PS - I plan to leave the CDs near the CD player at Kate's Place. I hope the families that visit in the future will enjoy them. Thanks!

Note: Kristine's daughter, Katie, has SMA, Type 3. Kate's Place, a stunning retreat in Maine, is made available to several SMA families during the summer months. We are so pleased that the CDs will be part of this amazing opportunity!

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