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The Music of JoAnn Derden


JoAnn performed on the stage for years, playing solo concerts as well as two-piano programs with her oldest sister, Elizabeth, and in later years with her daughter, Helen. She accompanied other musicians in a variety of settings, excelling in whatever she did. Musicians loved working with her, as she could readily adapt to their myriad requests.

From classical to Broadway, her memory of music played in decades past leaves others in awe, as does her knack for improvisation.

JoAnn's original compositions are birthed by her willingness to follow her magical, musical fingers wherever they feel like taking her; it's always a complete surprise! 'Making stuff up' may not sound overly accomplished, but her 'stuff' is truly a gift... to her and perhaps even more to those of us on the listening end.

Quick to dole out credit for her inspiration, JoAnn has been blessed with remarkable expressivity, unleashed by a keyboard that serves as an extension of her heart and soul.

Whether you're searching for a bit of tranquility to help diffuse the chaos of the daily grind, deal with inordinate life challenges, or just because, you've come to the right place.


Dancin' and Romancin'
A Love Story

© JoAnn Derden 2011
Photograph © Katie Baldwin (Fischer) 2005
(Tootsie and HonkyTonk were family lovebirds)

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JoAnn Derden’s original collection of musical ‘love notes’ was dedicated to Elton, her beloved husband and best friend for half a century. When their granddaughter, Katie, announced plans to marry, ‘Nana’ tweaked some of the collection to reflect the earthly absence of her dear Elton and dedicated the revision to Katie and her own beloved, Paul, as they begin amassing their own timeless love notes....

Tracks (mp3 samples)

  1. Quick Glances
  2. The Real Thing
  3. Till I Met You
  4. The Dance Lesson (My Brother's Suit Waltz)
  5. A Special Moment
  6. You Are the One
  7. Serious Talk
  8. Mr. and Mrs.
  9. Begin With Love
  10. Playing House
  11. How Much I Love You
  12. Dreams
  13. Tango of Love
  14. Slow Dance
  15. Remember
  16. A Grand Ride!
  17. Next Lifetime We'll Love Again
  18. I'll Love You Till the End of Time


The Story of Noah's Ark

© JoAnn Derden 2010
Photograph © Paul Derden
(British Columbia circa 1979)

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This Biblical story is a familiar one. God's pleasure with His world turns to disappointment, and He calls on Noah to complete a task that tests Noah's faith like no other. With the addition of a few special effects by JoAnn's son, Paul, you will feel like you were part of Noah's assignment....

Tracks (mp3 samples):

  1. Prologue
  2. Perfect World
  3. Invasion of Evil
  4. God's Tears
  5. Noah
  6. Message To Noah
  7. Building The Ark
  8. The Processional
  9. Barkers and Woofers
  10. Wide Loads and Other Slowpokes
  11. Flying Feathers
  12. Cats-N-Monks
  13. Hooves for Shoes
  14. Insect Couples
  15. Cacklers
  16. Turkey Shufflers
  17. Belly Crawlers
  18. The Rain
  19. Noah's Lament
  20. The Wind
  21. The Dove
  22. Land!
  23. Noah's Dance
  24. The Recessional
  25. The Promise
  26. The Rainbow

Grief: Loss and Recovery

© JoAnn Derden 2009
Photograph © Katie Baldwin 2006

Price: $15.95 (includes S&H)

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The music, lush and soothing for any soul, reflects JoAnn's personal journey of grief from loss to recovery after the death of her husband, Elton. These original compositions are a stunning labor of love and an inspiration for all of us left on earth a little while longer.

Tracks (mp3 samples)

  1. The Event
  2. Lifted By Angels
  3. Reality
  4. Left Behind
  5. Tears
  6. Alone
  7. Demons In The Night
  8. Friends and Family
  9. Praying For Strength
  10. Feeling Courage From My Loved One
  11. Gaining Belief In Myself
  12. The Year Of Firsts
  13. Treasured Memories
  14. Signs
  15. Until We Meet Again
  16. While I'm Here

© JoAnn Derden 2009

Price: $9.95 (includes S&H)

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with The Jeffrey Journey

These original lullabies were recorded for her youngest grandbaby, Jeffrey, and became the companion CD to the early editions of the book, The Jeffrey Journey, written by her daughter, Helen Baldwin. It is now sold separately or with the book.

Tracks (mp3 samples)

© JoAnn Derden